Friday, 16 May 2014

Comfy Purple & Peach Hand Bouquet

Assalamualaikum & Good day everyone~

'14 - I'm here again to share my 5th hand bouquet,
combination of roses and carnation also for Wadhihah 
on her wedding reception, last two months.
I have use a color combination of purple and peach
to show an elegant, soft and yet dreamy love. 
Hope that it will inspired all color lovers & crafters..
Thank you ^_^

Product: Comfy Purple Peach  Roses Carnation Hand Bouquet
Code: HBRC_5 | Material: Felt


"create it wonderful"


  1. Salam macam mana sy nak contact untuk tempah hand bouquet nie?

    1. Salam, sorry for the very late sis. Actually boleh contact nombor yang ada di ruangan akhir post di atas ^_^


Thanks! Have a colourful day!